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Thoughts on womanhood

A group of women making purses and earrings out of fallen bird feathers in Cajarmarca.

Yesterday it was women’s international day and #daywithoutawoman, and I chose to celebrate the women in my family on Facebook. Earlier in the year I travelled to Peru, and I was fortunate enough to see my aunts, uncles, and cousins. Much of the time I spent surrounded by women, since the majority of my family is made up of women whom I admire and feel close to. It was nice being surrounded by my aunts and cousins, hearing their stories, ambitions, where they are in life, their worries, as well as their triumphs. While traveling, I observed the role that Peruvian women play at home, at work, in society. I would walk, and see the women vendors, mothers taking their kids to school, or shopping in the market, well-dressed women going to work with their heels and handbag over their shoulder, teenage girls at a punk concert throwing their hands up. They seemed to have found a place that was truly their own. As an observer I don’t know the burdens they carry everyday, the people they have to deal with, the men who shut them down, the laws that don’t defend their rights, or if they feel a sense of guilt for not being the “ideal woman” carved out by society. Gathered below are some photos of the women I saw on the streets of Peru. There is no one definition for femininity or beauty; there is just the search for a life that is truly yours, one where you are respected and not taken for granted.


Punk rock, cumbia concert in Lima. It was super loud; I’m not sure how anyone had their ears left.


I captured a mom and her daughters as they were leaving the spot where they sold accessories. Lima.


A girl selling ice-cream in Cajamarca, Lima. After she walked through the traffic pushing the cart.


A group of women making wool purses and earrings out of fallen bird feathers in Cajamarca.


Her job is to care for the bulls. She took this one out to greet the visitors entering the Granja Porcon in Cajamarca.



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